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Hi I’m Špela and you?

Finally here? Let’s your journey with me begin!

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My first post? Summer and birthday of course!

Summer lovers here we are! We all adore summer, right? And this amazing part of a year is my favorite, too. I love sea, hot weather and relaxation. I’m a lucky girl that my birthday is in the summer. So, Mommy I will be always grateful to you. I just feel that summer is different, it always bring us something new. We are looking for new places, get to know new people and just living all the adventures. We are all waiting for summer all year so it is right to live it, feel it, use it to the maximum and more!


During my birthday on 18th of July, me and my boyfriend were spending holidays in the Maldives, the island Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo. Our wonderful holidays have started in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (don’t worry, more in the next post) and for dessert Maldives. I have no right words for this place. I will just say heaven on earth! One day was enough to convinced myself that this paradise is unbelievable . They have wonderful sea with beautiful surroundings, very friendly people and delicious food. So if you ever saw Maldives just on pics than believe me, you didn’t see nothing at all. Here you can find all happiness, pure peace and joy … And you know what? You can’t escape! All around you, you can see clearly sea like the sky. And you get a feeling that you never wanna leave this place. I felt alone on this island but so alive. This peaceful paradise totally fits to my soul and spirit. And I know that one day all this will take me back!



From an early ages birthday was my special day. I’m in the spotlight infront of friends and family and for one day I feel that I’m the most important person on the planet. I’ve always felt so happy because I share birthday with the people who means everything to me. Like every child I couldn’t sleep and I was so excited. I can feel the same butterflies in the stomach today when I am 20. It’s just so impressive that some feelings never go away. I am still a child and I love it. But of course some feelings changed while we are growing. When I was 10 I couldn’t wait to open all the gifts but today the biggest gift is to spend » that day« with the people you love. And you know that they love you right back!


“Happy 20” Island

Every birthday is special on his own way. I will always remember them… but my 20th??? I am still shaking. In my most beautiful dreams I never imagined my 20 years so magical, so special and full of love. And with someone who means everything to me and who loves me the way I am. We are just so in love and “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams and be with the man, soul mate who truly loves you. Because real Love is a miracle.”
I don’t know where to start, really. I am looking all pictures over and over again to know that this wasn’t my best movie, dreams or fairytale… this was » my day in paradise where reality is better than my dream!«


Our magic day started on a little blue ship. The boat took us to a »lonely« island where we spent the day. I decided to call Island “Happy 20” because it will always remind me on a pure happiness. Such a precious moments are life meaning. On that point you recognize that your life can’t be anything else than happy, sweet and lovely. It’s important to aware that and live like that. Just grab everything what life gives you! Which way, negative or positive? It’s up to you. A little help? Ask your heart.


Can you see “my” island?

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My 20 years are here! Damn, life goes by too fast. So for my next 20 years I want to become the best version of myself. We all have the opportunity to realize our goals, dreams and ambitions. Our abilities are innate to all. Find your unique goals, make plan and start now. Do anything what will make you proud on yourself one day. Never stop believing, push yourself, wish and magic will happen. Do not complicate your life! “Cuz” you will lose a battle. Say to yourself: This is my story! I live for today! I am strong because of the past and excited about the future. Then suddenly you will find a reason why you are standing on this planet! We all need that…