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Hi I’m Špela and you?

Finally here? Let’s your journey with me begin!

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Love everything about you

Yes I do. I love my body. But not because I’m slim and not fat. This is my genetic like from any other girl. I will not say that I’m the lucky one because of that, cuz I’m not. We are all »lucky« to have opportunity to experience this world. But everyone is easy forgetting on this! Materialism and external appearance goes to far today. Everyone is just looking on »outside«, that is the only important criterion nowadays. But wait a minute?! Don’t we all have heart ,soul and feelings? We were born because of feelings of our parents. Start sharing that you have faith in this, to yourself and others. It’s normal that we are all born different. But it isn’t normal that 90% of people are not feeling comfortable in their bodys. This is really hard to understand. If you have two pairs of normal legs and hands than your everyday is really wasted if you are constantly turning down yourself with negative thoughts and poor self-esteem. Nowadays it seems that the world really go in the wrong way. Especially the importance of a »woman«. Every woman is beautiful creature. But no. Everybody will only love all good looking girls from magazines with perfect bodies, sexy asses and gorgeous eyes. I’m sure you see yourself in those words. Who don’t? But people lets make some differents and start loving and appreciating everything around us! We are all important no matter what. Lets stop with this for once and make a happy world for everyone. I didn’t share this photo to get attention because of my body. You can probably see it on any other photo. I was trying to tell that I’m not ashamed of it. I go in park everyday and do my workout because of me, not because I want to transform my body. I run because when I’m running I feel that this world has no limit for me. Isn’t this the most amazing feeling that someone can feel? Everyone can do this. Everyone can find their own way of »real living«. You don’t need to have money or anything else for this. You just need to have yourself. I already love myself, every part of it and I feel indescribable. I realized that this live is »one« and I won’t have second chance to do it right. I usually eat healty not because this is popular nowadays but because I really want to stay on this beautiful world as long as I can. Every new day is a miracle for me and for you. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a size L, XL, M or S. If you think that there is not one but many of things you want to change on yourself then I’m teeling you that:

The only thing you need to change is your inside. Because you are already beautiful. Believe me. When you will do that everybody will see it. Love yourself.