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Hi I’m Špela and you?

Finally here? Let’s your journey with me begin!

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Food made in Turkey


I will start my second food post with healthy and light breakfast smoothies. There is no better way to start your day. This bowl ful of raw nutrients is my answer! Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle. Treat your body like your one and only “home” that you have. Make sure that it will always look clean, beautiful and happy on inside and outside.

My lovely second home – Turkey, gave me the opportunity to start thinking about what I’m eating. I just started to play with food on 1000 different ways. Did you know that making food is actually expressing your feelings and thoughts? As you can see my minds are like a rainbow without ending.

What about diets?

I’m really tired of this most famous word nowadays! But is the reality of diets really so “clean” and “healthy”? I don’t think so. Let’s be clear about one thing. When you will begin with any of new diets you will just bring unnecessary stress and pressure in your life. And this is the only guaranty you will have from the start of your dieting. You will say to your brains what they need to do but already after 5 days they will start to convince you to take chocolate, candies and “cheat”. Basically you will start with overeating and not just overeating with good “normal food, but you will get hands on bad “junk” food. But you know why? Because you’ll pick a stu*id diet and not a lifestyle. You’ll pick something from the internet, magazine or I don’t know where… But there is nothing for you! With choosing something that is not yours is like living someone else’s life! For me all this today is brainwashing. It’s so sad that this unfriendly world can suck you in so quickly and easily! And then you can really lose yourself in things that are not even important for you and your life. But you think that you are doing everything fine and good for yourself. Just because you read an article or saw a picture of your dream body. Start trusting in your words, opinion and belief because only you know for sure what is the best fit for you!
With all this diets your brain will just say STOP in the end. No matter what you will do, it won’t work! Okay, maybe you will insist for 1 month but this one day after, you will get a feeling that everything is falling apart and you’ll be at the start again. On that day you will wish that there would be a button to switch things back. Sounds familiar for some of you? For me it was definitely like that! But it shouldn’t be like this, not at all!

If you really want to transform your body or just change your eating habits first change your way of thinking and then accept the new eating process like a challenge of your life. Not for one week, one month but for your whole life. This is the most important! And do it because of your own good, because of your own discipline and control. Nobody will do it for you. If you feel good, keep going, if you feel bad, change something.

The only thing that was positive about diets for me is that I started to search about the real meaning of eating good, enough and healty! And after so many unhappy days, I can finally say that

I found my “diet for life” :

– I always do some kind of schedule when and what to eat.
– I usually have 5 meals per day (breakfast – snack – lunch – snack – dinner).
– For me the hours of eating are very important, especially because of digestion and metabolism.
– After 8 pm I usually don’t eat because it’s not good for my stomach to work to much over the night.
– In the morning I choose fruits or I make smoothies with them! More about fruits check previous post!
– If I wish to eat chocolate I take at least 70% of cocoa!
– If I want pizza, I make pizza at home. So I can use the healthy ingredients that I like.
– I don’t care about campaings that are against the milk products. I like greek yogurt, soya and almond milk!
– I like eggs for the breakfast too!
– I’m not a vegan so I eat meet (usually chicken, turkey or beef next to well mixed salad for lunch).
– I never forget on quality carbohydrates.
– And yes, I’m in love with running so this is actually my meal number 6

And remember nothing is good for you when it is too much or to often. Make a “big variety” of meals for yourself.

This is my way of living strong, healty and like I really want it.
Be different and be proud of it! Feel confident in your skin!
The only thing that it will count in the end of the day is to look yourself in the mirror and see what YOU want to see!

spela horvat healthy smoothie food


spela horvat smoothie kiwi 1


spela horvat smoothie food


spela horvat healthy smoothie


spela horvat orange juice foodspela horvat healthy breakfast


spela horvat smoothie heart healthy


Playing with fruits

spela horvat watermelon

spela horvat heart fruit


spela horvat fruit food healthy


spela horvat food rainbow


spela horvat food heart fruit


spela horvat healthy food


spela horvat healthy food fruits


spela horvat healthy fruits


spela horvat summer fruit


spela horvat summer fruit 1


spela horvat dragon fruit decoration


spela horvat world fruit
Main food

spela horvat healthy pizza


spela horvat breakfast


spela horvat food fish


spela horvat lunch 2

spela horvat lunch


spela horvat lunch healthy food


spela horvat food pasta


spela horvat food sendwich salmon


spela horvat healthy lunch food


spela horvat healthy foodporn


spela horvat food decoration


spela horvat tortilas food


spela horvat pasta salad

Don’t forget to eat yummy and sweet as well!
By the way a little bit of sugar in your blood will only have positive effect on your mood.

spela horvat pancakes fruit


spela horvat american pancakes


spela horvat nutella chocolate pancakes


spela horvat food cake

spela horvat food cake-2


spela horvat waffle


spela horvat pancakes icecream


spela horvat cake food

spela horvat chocolate strawberry dessert
Don’t know how? Ask me for recipes!