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6 reasons why traveling is the best thing you can do in your life

I decided to share with you 6 signs, which are showing that you are still “udiscovered” traveler!

Why it is necessary to go and explore the world? If you are already reading this post it’s also good to have something from it, right? There are not only dream travel images, happy faces and all beauties of the world the reasons which should convince you to go. It’s also about the little things on which we are not paying attention to. My dears, if you found yourself in one of this reasons than you are exactly the person who will have a crazy adventure this summer. Come on, wake up a traveler in yourself.

1.) This “feeling” when I know that I’m going
Holiday belongs to people who works, am I right? Why? It’s simple. Because we all have to recharge our batteries and finally start packing. It doesn’t matter if you book an apartment in Croatia or buy a plane ticket to the Philippines. In any case positive and excited feelings will awake in you. You will have positive expectations and the belief that this will be a unique summer. That’s why we work, that after is even sweeter to drink a coconut somewhere under a palm tree. Or that after 10 years you are again sunbathing on the same rock, which will take you back in children’s days, when you were carefree jumping here around. It goes about feeling when our thoughts are about holidays. Can you imagine that we would be always so happy as we are when packaging our things in the car?

2.) My friends are travelling and bringing home treasure of unforgettable memories. Why is this not happening to me?
Crazy trip is behind you. Like a “maniac” you are explaining all the adventures to your friend. This friend doesn’t travel, even more, travelling isn’t anything special for him. He is trying to expand his lips in a sour smile and he’s having his own thoughts. If this is happening to you than somewhere deep within you lies a desire to “catapult” in the world. I’m sure of that. Let this summer be different for you. This time you cheer up your friend with an amazing adventure. Awake the adventurer in you! Believe me that no one didn’t regret this decision by now.

3.) Everything is too expensive for me
Here we are. Americans would say: “Bullshit!” From my own experience I will tell you that the money collected in piggy bank is the best investment in the adventure around the world. Why? Because you’ll never cry for that money. Sooner or later you get tired of each piece of your clothing. Fashion goes forward and we are slaves, who are chasing the latest fashion trends. Do you have iPhone 6S already? If not, it will be first necessary to deduct money for this. You really can’t allow yourself to make a “selfie” without the latest Apple product. Let’s rather look a little deeper. Just remember your last vacation! Would you replace them? Would you want anything else instead of them? I assume you all know the answer. Investment in spreading our horizons is one with which we can build our greatest treasure in us. Fill your life with memories that count forever. Did you change your mind now?

4.) One more reason
Imagine yourself when you’ll be 70. Both, you and your grandson are sitting in front of TV. But then he suddenly asks: “Grandma are Maldives really so nice as shown here in this commercial? Can you please tell me about the world?” Maybe then will be a little late, but never too late! I just wanted to give you an example, where you can test yourself! Will I regret in my old age that the beauties of the world didn’t convince me before? Ask yourself.

5.) The awareness that life is not forever can change even so small-minded thoughts
We never know when it will be our last sunset. Even waking up to a new morning won’t be eternal. When will we for the last time smile from the heart to our partner and with no worries enjoy on our holidays? Only a thought on that will motivate you in something that you haven’t done. When you’ll be at this stage you should go on! Usually right then happens the sweetest things in our lives.

6.) Those who woke up, I propose the following
The proposal will be “first-handed”. By the summer there is still time to choose trustworthy people and make plan of the century with them. Remember that the goal is not important, but the way! Start thinking already today where you want to go with the plane, camper, van, bus or even bicycle. So your excitement by the summer will be at its peak. And before leaving you will just “explode”. Well, then just remember my words and see for yourself what travelling actually mean to you. Lose yourself in this great feelings and I wish you an amazing holiday!

JustGo1novaMy plans for summer
My plans for the summer are easing my days abroad. When you’re alone you have only plans which you want to fulfil during the summer. I have a lot of destinations on my mind in which I’m convinced that they will “make” my summer days. And you? Are you counting down? Because I definitely am!