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Hi I’m Špela and you?

Finally here? Let’s your journey with me begin!

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Let’s start with who you are and what are you doing?
I’m Spela, 21 years old girl who doesn’t know the limits and restrictions in her life. Currently I am exploring a greenery and mountains of Switzerland. I am also studying here. My favorite job is packing which always lead my life to unforgettable adventures. I love high heart rate after running and cooking. I’m aware that it’s necessary to take a life into your hands and really follow the heart.

1. About what do you like to write? Where are you searching for inspiration? What can we find on your blog?
Firstly for all those who will go on my blog I want that they come out from the safe »bubble« of shelter and simply start doing what makes them happy. Believe me, suddenly many new paths of life will open. I’m calling them heart paths that you’ve create them by yourself. And you found them just with letting yourself to be what you are. Simple firsthand advice that really works.
In general I prefer to write about things in which I believe that are practical and leaving behind a positive traces.
On my blog you can find the motivation if you are looking for it. My crazy jumping around the world, which can maybe convince you to grab things already this summer and just go. You can also find something healthy and add it to your daily menu. I am sure you won’t avoid your weight scale anymore. There is also about fashion and sport. To sum up, you will find my impetuous life written on the »paper«.

2. Currently you are studying and working in Switzerland. How did the path led you there?
After 2 years of living in Turkey, where I met a real chaos in »person«, I asked myself how it would look like to live in the most »organized« country in the world? Usually I am not leting my life to coincidences, that’s why I’m where I am.

3. What kind of challenges did you face with at the beginning? And how did you overcome them?
With 19 years alone in the world? The fact that tells enough I think. It’s not easy if your Mom is no longer cleaning, ironing and cooking for you. For everything you have to be on your own. You have to know how to push yourself in a good mood, manage your thoughts, focus and switch all the bad experiences into your own benefit. Today my greatest personal value is perseverance, which didn’t give me a school teacher, but the world. I am happy that I have some kind of »pushing machine« in myself that always compels me to live my life to the fullest. Somehow I knew that a home environment is not enough for me. I just had to pack and go.

4. What does Spela do when she isn’t working?
Spela is entering into her own world, which requires headphones, sports equipment and forest. She likes to type about everything with desire that it will motivate someone, somehow.

spela horvat running
5. You are also a model. What is fashion for you?
A big »Thank you« goes to excellent fashion agency Immortal models management. So I can easily say that my fashion experiences are as they should be. Professional, which can only provide a top agency. There is nothing better than being a part of this fashion family. It’s very important how a fashion world is presented to you. For me is fashion a professional sport where only the most persistent and talented find the way to success. You mustn’t be just another fish in the sea, but you really have to know how to swim.

6. Do you cook?  Which dishes that you are preparing on your own you prefer?
Of course. I am not just cooking but usually I’m also putting my »artistic« skills when preparing the food. I like to make my morning smoothies, vegetable risotto and sometimes something sweet (here you can find more about my smoothies).

Smoothie spela horvat
7. Which talents do you admire at boys?
The most I admire is the genuine gentlemans from 20th century. Sadly the majority of today’s living boys doesn’t know anything about it. Do you remember »The Notebook« movie? I am wondering myself why all the ladies were sitting with sore eyes in front of the screens? Guys, please wake up and show your woman what she deserves!

8. You are traveler. When and where were you on the last trip and how was it?
The first 5 days of vacation I slept at the airport (for more details you’ll have to check my San Francisco post, unless Cosmo alow me to fill all the pages of the magazine). After 5 days probably already a God felt sorry for me and let me go. I landed in San Francisco, Washington and at the end in the city of dizzying skyscrapers – New York. So in one word: »For such adventures I’m living for!«

9. What are you missing the most from your home when you are abroad? And opposite when you are back home?
Mom’s hug and her yummy treats that smells so perfect out of her kitchen. I miss home street and my forest where I can always realease my spirit and find a motivation. But when I’m home, usually after few days some feeling overwhelm me that I have to pack and go on. Sorry mom, I can’t help myself.

10. If right now you could choose a plane ticket to anywhere, where would you fly? Why?
Cosmo thanks for the easiest question. Without a doubt this would be a French Polynesia. Because after seeing so many gorgeous pics sometimes already my dreams are forcing me to go there. I guess sooner or later I will have to go. But of course I will have to fill my Piggy Bank first.

11. What are your ambitions for the future? Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
At the moment I’m discovering and trying to figure out my »place« in life. After 10 years I definitely see myself first as a mom, which is running after her little angels. I will have to slow down and create a family and career. I just wish to find a work which will make me happy. Spela, I hope that in today’s ruthless world you are not asking too much.

12. The best advice you received it and you are giving it forward?
It’s from my grandma, who is “guilty” that I’m still every day remembering my childhood. »After every bad thing something good happens«, she said. Grandma, it’s true. I have had a lot of rain and even more sunshine in my life.


Your idol… is my boyfriend who didn’t let that 21st century would affect on him. He is staying tough, genuine and unique man. Inside and outiside.

Beauty advicemorning smoothie. Sweating in the nature. Being able to close the doors to stress and open them to all the beautiful things in your life. My make up advice: less is more.

Best recreation… jogging among the trees.


Life isan adventure where the miracle is everything.

You are spoiling your boyfriend withmorning breakfasts and to never forget to commend him and telling him what I feel.

Good styleSporty one, which always gives me a feeling of freedom.