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Hi I’m Špela and you?

Finally here? Let’s your journey with me begin!

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Sole & Mare beach

My first time in Çeşme, wonderful! Spending time with friends at the weekend was absolutely amazing. The weather was really hot (sometimes more than 40 degrees). I love people here! They are so positive and you can’t see them without a big smile on their face.

You know guys where I am?

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Good time, amazing people and delicious food

spela horvat 27

Every weekend for one day me and my boyfriend afford some unhealty food like “junk food”. It is good if you have »cheat meal« once a week. So your body will satisfy with all the sugar he need. During the whole week you won’t be looking for desserts and sweets and you will avoid overeating. This meal must serve to you as a reward if you eat quality and healthy food all week. Especially if you are a sportsman your everyday menu must contain right type of food and right porsion of it. And what is the most important your blood sugar won’t rise to much!
Just enjoy it and don’t forget that you are sweet enough already (stay away from “bad” sugar, too much won’t benefit to your body)! Eat food that will give you energy, good mood and healty body spela horvat 25

Melon with cream, strawberries, peaches and chocolate sauce. So refreshing!spela horvat 10

Passion for volleyball

Volleyball is my favorite type of sport! I played it for 7 years and I must say it is still my passion. It’s a team sport. There is no »one«, there is a team spirit with few sport individuals who completely fits together, physically and mentally. I love that the whole body is in the action, there is no rough physical contacts with others and you can also play it in the summer just for fun.spela horvat 20

A part of Arkas volleyball team.

Having fun on beach volleyball. On “pic” Kamnik Matevz (Middle-blocker), Koç Mustafa (Middle-blocker), Dünge Erhan (Middle-blocker), Ramazanoglu Mustafa (Setter), Yesilbudak Hasan (Libero). Guys, I wish you a good season!



Me & Matevz, Bağlan Varlık and Mustafa Koç.

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Nike “twins” with boyfriend
spela horvat 19

spela horvat 4

The most “comfy” nike shoes I ever had! I take them with me wherever I go. I wear them sometimes for running (but only in park/forest/tartan, where is soft and good for your knees), going out or in free time. Shoes are very light and you won’t feel any hot in the summer. With these crazy colors you can wear them anywhere!

Still have no idea where you can find this summer place?



If you still don’t know where you will spend your next vacation I guarantee that you can say a big YES to Turkey! Turkey offers so many great destinations for holidays: Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Alanya, Çeşme, Side, Kaş, Foça, Ayvalık, Kemer, Kusadasi, Manavgat, Datca,… And if you want to be surrounded with nice people, hot sun with refreshing sea, eat yummy & fresh food then pick this hooooot country!