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Hi I’m Špela and you?

Finally here? Let’s your journey with me begin!

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If you don’t have 2 minutes to read it, then remember:

  1. Find your own amazing strategy to control your life successfully
  2. You need to listen and be true to yourself
  3. Set personal goals which will fit to your spirit, expectations, ambitions and abilities
  4. Don’t lose hope and don’t stop no matter what
  5. Get inspired by “anything” what will help you on your journey
  6. Everyday make yourself and others happy with a little generosity
  7. Have in mind those words, you will need them (life can be cruel) : help, love, support, be otpimistic, be confident and always believe
  8. Just concerned about what you think of yourself then the opinion of others
  9. The harder you will work, the more luck you will have

Now if you want my whole recipe, start reading. Find something positive, get out of here and start creating your own world of inspiration!


I want to be “the best” coach of my life. That means to find amazing strategy to control your life, set goals, do what you really want and be successful. Don’t even think and allow that life will control you. This is not what you really want. Strategy is simple. For example: Everyday you sit in your car and drive it, right? Car will go if you will do something. It’s rutine, not hard and what is the most important that you learned it how to do it correctly. So this “something” and right knowledge can create your life as you want. It can become a nice rutine for happy and joyful life. But first you need to listen yourself and find out what you really want in this life. There won’t be any other life, sorry. Same rules for all of us. Just one chance. Set personal goals which will fit to your spirit, expectations, ambitions and abilitys. Then don’t lose hope and don’t stop no matter what. You need to understand that the harder you will work, the more luck you will have. Remember luck is like a “dessert”, don’t lose yourself in hopes. Pick a good combination between hard work, hopes, wishes and beliefs. Hopes need to serve you only for inspiration and motivation. Also wishes!


A lot of people know excatly what they want to do and to be. But it’s so sad that this big wishes disappear in a second with full head of fear and insecurity. Why? If you had »balls« to think about what everything you want, than try it. We never know until we try. I know it’s so easy and nice to write it down. But on the other hand our lives are a big mess and we are guilty for that! Only we are the leaders of our lifes. Don’t expect positive if you think and act opposite. For once we need to take all responsibility for where we are today. Maybe we need to change something for better tomorrow…

You will probably think: “This 20 years old girl will teach me how to live? She probably wants to be a doctor or psihologyst!” I will overtake you and answer before you ask. I just feel relaxed and comfortable when I’m writing. Is that wrong? Will I fail? I think we will never fail if we all know deppest in our heart that we did the best of which we are capable. Do your best! I did, I will and I will always try to. Stick to thoes words. That’s all we can do. I get inspired by many things in my life so I want to notice everything. With that I save myself infront of losing my mind in this teenage years where everything is possible. My mom always said to me: »write Spela! If you feel good about it, I’m sure people will follow your words. Because they have special own meaning. You are unique.« Everyone can write, this is not a talent. But not everyone can recognize the magic of words. Just think… One nice word can make your day. All girls are in heaven for a whole day if someone commented her new haircut. And if you say to your guy how strong he looks today I guarantee he won’t leave the mirror in the gym. Seems familiar? No matter what you say, if words comes from your heart it can’t be wrong. You can make others happy but what is more important that you make yourself happy for that. Now you see how unbelievable and powerful can be one simple word. With real intentions we can come so far, we can reach the moon! It sounds ironic but logic. Help and you will get help. God and nature take care for right balance in our lifes. We live in community for a reason. To help, love and support each other. Nothing else, nothing more. That’s all we desperately need and looking for. To love yourself and to be loved by others is a life meaning. There I need to expose my better half. I have millon words for you but not one is enough. Thank you my soul to find me. With you I see things clearly. You teach me how to love, be optimistic, confident, enjoy and live a full life where is place only for true happiness. You give me super power with believing in me and your unconscious support. I will be always blessed for our love. You will be always my biggest miracle. And from that on I will always know that miracles can happen. Now I hope I have guaranteed at least 100 kisses per day in next month. I don’t know where I finished previous topic… Ah, what love can do to us. It’s crazy and I love it. For »the end.« If you want to sing, sing! If you want to be a pilot, try! If you want this one guy for 3 years, go and tell him! If you want to be confident in you body, don’t miss my next post! There are just so many possibilities what you can do. But there is no tomorrow! Start today, I’m sure you can do anything. So tomorrow you will be closer. No matter on what point you will start, be proud on yourself because every human did something incredible in his life. No exceptions. We are all born the same. Natural and with pure hearts. With years and time we create our personality. The way we are today. So if you think that you are not (100%) the best version of yourself. You can fix anyting you want. It’s never to late for us as long as we are breathing.