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Paris is always a perfect idea

Paris again! Yes, I do really adore this city. It’s so special every time of the year. So whenever you will decide to go there you cannot be wrong. I’m obssesed with Eiffel Tower pictures so prepare yourself.

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La Basilique du Sacré Coeur

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Here we are! What happened with our locker?

spela horvat paris 31

After 4 months we came back so excited to see our locker again. I think we spent 30 minutes just looking around where the locker is. Of course we didn’t find it… Matevz’s face tells everything…

RULE no.1: Don’t ever buy a locker (or you can buy just a locker but take very good marker with you) from seller next to Pont des Arts. He will sell you a great locker but he will also give you a chep marker. This marker won’t survive the first rain. So if you won’t pick a special empty place there is no chance you will find it again. There is a million lovers who want to lock their hearts in Paris so also expect a new million of lockers.

Anyway, I think we found our “one” but next time I need to take the key with me! I already imagine this scene in my head. After 10 years, maybe more or less, me and my love will be there again. We will open our locker after many happy years together, revive all memories and put it on another different and special own place. New place as a new chapter in our lifes. This is all I want from this life. To share it with someone who will follow you wherever your heart want and will go.

  spela horvat paris 30

Roland Garros

spela horvat paris roland garrosAmazing tennis experience! I think I watched tennis 3 times in my life and here my chapter about tennis probably ends. I saw two best players on the world. Perfect “end” for me. For me every single point was so dramatic and nervous. Everything was so quiet before player served. Totally opossite than some football or basketball like we are used to.

spela horvat paris tennisBeside very good experience a lot of unexpected things happened. We didn’t plan to visit Roland Garros, but my boyfirned love tennis so he is guilty for that. Roland Garros is one of the most prestigeous tennis competition on the world. So it was a very big problem to get those tickets. You cannot buy them on the spot. You only have chance to get them from the internet where people are selling them. Otherwise you need to reserve tickets almost 1 year before tournament. Price depends on who is playing and how far the competition is. We were lucky cause we bought them on internet. On the day of the match you will have also a lot of people selling tickets outside of the arena. Be careful, first check price on the internet because tickets on the “black market” are usually much, much more expensive.

spela horvat tennis 11
This tennis complex has 20 courts with 2 main courts. If you decide to go out from there you cannot return. Even with the ticket. You will spend your whole day in the arena. Of course you will get there anything you want (all kind of food, drinks, tennis stuff…). But with not so kind prices. Here I drank the most expensive water in my life. Bottle of water for 8 €.

spela horvat paris tennis 10
Marija Šarapova & Novak Djokovic

Moulin Rouge

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To sum up being third time in my favorite city is like “my dreams come true not only once”. I enjoyed every time but I need to admit that visiting city of love with your love is actually indescribable. There is just no better way to feel real Paris. Believe in your own story of this magnificent city and you will create so many strong feelings, unforgettable moments and new memories.