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Hi I’m Špela and you?

Finally here? Let’s your journey with me begin!

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Hello Swiss!

My dear Switzerland why are you so gorgeous?

Before you will start with the pictures, relax and just watch how much happiness can nature from our planet bring to us. It’s so much! Love yourself, love your dog, love your familiy, your life, surroundings, everything. Love is one and only real. Hug or kiss your lover, best friend, mom, dad, puppy, anything… Then you will feel what I’m talking about. I decided to travel and to travel with my heart, so I will see everything from inside and outside. Then you really see everything, right? I just said to myself: “Follow your heart and you will never choose the wrong way.” It’s more than true. Switzerland already gave me so much to remember and I can’t wait to see more. Time is runing out for all of us so take the chance and grab the moment. Don’t be afraid, don’t allow yourself to live ordinary. It’s boring! Be yourself, a little crazy, a dreamer and open-minded then you will start creating your amazing life adventure. Whatever should be will be, don’t think too much. You deserve it!
My adventure starts here:


DCIM102GOPROBettenauer Weiher lake

DCIM102GOPROspela horvat natureNice vilage in Iddaburg

Green as far as one’s eye can see

DCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPROView from: Köbelisberg – 1100m

DCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPROIn the time of winter you can often wake up in fog. So if you want to feel the sun you need to visit the places at least on 1000 m altitude. It’s very interesting that you can find a lot of different types of weather on such a short distance!

Trip to Säntis

My first experience with a high mountain. Wuhu, I made it, 2503 m high. It wasn’t by climbing this time but anyway it was totally amazing on the top.

DCIM102GOPROWe took a gondola lift

DCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPRODCIM102GOPROAnd for the icing on the cake we have had delicious food in the restaurant on the top of Säntis.

Hausfrauen – Salad

spela horvat swiss food 1-2
Beautiful natural area below Säntis

Swiss food – quality and homemade food

Okey, I will just say: “fantastic”! They have the best food I have ever tasted, really. I already ate at a lot of different places but what I’m eating here is just unbelievable! Every product is especially made in Switzerland, fresh, bio and with high quality. Food is really expensive here but you are spending your money for top products.


CHOCOLATE (lindt & frey)

– Meat (especially chicken and beef)

– Cheese

– Natural yogurt

– Swiss bread

lindt spela horvat chocolatefrey chocolate spela horvat

spela horvat fruitsspela horvat food swiss

Here I also got new and very tasty experiences about Asia food. Asian lovers here is an

amazing recipe (little bit spicy but with an unbelievable taste):

Recipe for “Massamam” Curry:

pieces of chicken



black pepper


coconut milk



Put all this ingredients inside by your own feeling. You will see the flavour is like you would eat it somewhere on the west, fantastic!

spela horvat swiss erwinspela horvat asia foodspela horvat food 33

Steak combinated with the best Spain wine from 2013

Lobster soup

spela horvat food 111spela horvat food 1spela horvar food 44
Recipe for Lobster – soup

(for 4 persons)

bouillon (chicken) 1l

2 onions (cut them on small pieces and put on hot olive oil)

3 cherry tomatoes

2 leeks

olive oil

cream / coconut milk 3dl

white wine 3dl

add crab meet in the end

salt and pepper

Making homemade pizza is always a good idea. But if you have delicious ingredients for it, then idea is even better!

spela horvat swiss pizza
Recipe for the dough (ingredients for 2 pizzas):

½ kg of (brown or normal) flour

3 dcl of milk

little spoon of salt

little spoon of sugar

half of one yeast

spoon of apple vinegar

4 spoons of sunflower oil

First mix half of yeast with 3 dcl of warm milk. Put the flour in bigger dish and make a hole in it. Inside add yeast with milk and all other ingredients. Now you can start with kneading. You will get a soft dough, make from it 2 same peaces. Then cover the dough with a cloth and turn the oven on 50 ̊C. Roll out the dough and put on you favorite ingredients. Put the pizza in oven and rise the temperature on 220 ̊C. Leave pizza inside for around 10-15 minutes.

Bon Appétit

So Switzerland has fulfilled all my expectations. I’m totally in love with green nature, mountains and good food. But most of all, I got very good impression about people here. They will clearly show you how they respect and love their country. It’s nice to see such a national consciousness because we can miss this in a lot of countries around the world. Always be proud from where and what you are. Wherever you are, be always a part of it and always accept the »difference«.

Thank you Swiss for showing me every beautiful and special things you have!

spela horvat s