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Christmas in Zürich and a Happy New Year in Slovenia

The most magical time in the year was here and it’s already gone! In the spirit of missing thoes days I collected some of the Christmas and New Years memories.

Being in Zürich for Christmas was great experience. Of course I missed snow but me and my boyfriend have had so much fun, like always!

 Today, the city is home to 400,000 residents and is the largest city in Switzerland as well as the capital of the canton of Zürich. In general Switzerland is not a cheap destination!  You will have to spend a small fortune to enjoy your vacation in Zurich. However, the experience is more than worth it.

“Must see” in Zürich:

– Lake Zürich

 – Old Town (Altstadt)

– Church of Our Lady (Fraumunster)

– Bahnhofstrasse (main street with shops)

– Grossmunster (church)

– Botanical Garden

– Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich)

– Lindenhofplatz (nice quiet park, overlooking the city)


Great view on the Zürisee lake.


Church of Our Lady (Fraumunster)



 My favorite shop in Zürich: Sprüngli

You definitely must go here during your stay in Zürich. Everything there is absolutely delicious. It probably has the best chocolates in the world, hands down. This relaxing place is a must for every chocolate lover.DCIM102GOPRO

spela hovat sprungli
In December, the entire city is bathed in a warm glow, the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine hangs in the air, and the sounds of Christmas carols ring out wherever you go.

DCIM102GOPROChristmas Markets

Christkindlimarkt ZürichSpela Horvat Zurich christmas 11spela horvat zurich christmas 20
It’s true that the best gifts come from the heart, not the store. But as long as we have something to give it’s also a nice part of a Christmas time. Usually for me the best part of all the present things is wraping and organizing gifts! I always have no idea what to buy for my family and friends. But when I finaly buy it, I’m super excited and immediately start with organizing.

spela horvat zurich christmas 1112

Spela Horvat Zurich christmas 15spela horvat zurich christmas 17spela horvat gift-2

And now the best part of Christmas holidays…

Baking cookies, cakes and any other kind of desserts is a rule in the time of Christmas! This year I combined pudding with chocolate, sweet cream, fruits and many other delicious ingredients.

spela horvat christmas food

spela horvat christmas foo3

spela horvat food 1Dessert in 5 minutes!!!

And here is one great and I think the most easy to do dessert. If you don’t have time for dessert but you would love to put something sweet on the table, than this one is perfect match for you.
You just need 100% juice (strawberry or peach) and sweet cream.
This dessert is really fresh and not heavy because of fruit juice. Good combination people!

spela horvat fast dessert Eating on the last day in the year…

I’m sure every family has their own tradition what to eat on the last day in the year. During the years our specialty at home are definitely fresh baked shrimps on olive oil. My father is a master in preparing seafood so on this day he is a chef in the kitchen. A good fit to shrimps are also good sauces and salads. On photo you can see “French” salad which is a tradition in this time. And we never forget on a good Slovenian champagne.

spela horvat christmas food-2

 Starting 1.1.2015 in the style of fantastic food…

Decided to visit one of the best restaurant in our town was again amazing food experience. I realized that nothing can compare with our Slovenian traditional food.

It all started in 1870…
“Gostilna Šiker” is a culinary home with a fine tradition! Home with a rich knowledge and experiences have been handed down from generation to generation.
On a Sunday you sat down with your family to enjoy a home-cooked Sunday lunch and have a chat about this and that…
This is the philosophy of their house: nurturing our memories.

You can find them on facebook and be a part of their story and delicious food!

spela horvat food111spela horvat slo
Šiker is surrounded with a beautiful lake where you can enjoy in nature and a nice view.

spela horvat food1

spela horvat food3

spela horvat food 5

spela horvat food 6

spela horvat food 10

spela horvart food 11

spela horvat food dessertHouse speciality

Šarlota/Charlotte cake (speciality of the Šiker Inn)

spela horvat food 11š

Hello home!

Some photos from my hometown, Maribor. It’s a small but cozy and peaceful city. I came home in a “white” fairytale.

DCIM102GOPROspela horvat pohorjelent02 spela horvatspela horva mbspela horvat maribor

It’s good to be home again and thank you for the snow!