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“On my old ages I necessarily have to live in Greece” were my last words when I left Greece. I swear Greece,  I will see you again. I have to admit that you stole my heart with your mightiness. In fact, I definitely got a confirmation now why Romans and Greeks were always my favorite history topic! I think I was one of them in my previous life.

Greece swept over me like a fresh breeze and historically awakened me. It’s been a few years now since we were in high school and listening to our professor. Professor Tine, thanks again for the inspiration. Today I can understand your historical point of view. Back in my school days I knew everything by heart and I did not even know what I am talking about.

Rhodes is my first Greek adventure, so I gave a first cross over it in my travel scrapbook. After my first Greek encounter I rearranged my list with adding all other places which are represented by this Hellenic Republic.

The cradle of Western civilization shows there is a historical wealth on every corner. Those who are aware that we are all a part of history and wants to search about the past, I suggest you to start with Greece. Greece has a charm which can totally deform your mindset. It can get fast under your skin. You can easily go back in time after viewing the whole architecture that Greece offers you. And then a classic question is following: “How did they do all this? Even today you can’t see buildings like this?!” I am telling you, you can lose yourself in the feelings that are related to the supernatural and unknown. We can just ask ourselves how did they live here before. Were some of them really gods? I honestly do not believe that totally exhausted, middle-aged man has pushed such a big capacity of stones over 100 meters high. What are actual reflections from these mighty buildings that enrich Greece?

If we ask ourselves, do you think that these people would change their tools from stone for our rapidly growing technology? Would they wanted to live in our world? Nowadays we are not holding stones on our shoulders but a bunch of stress. We often like to say that this world move on, but is it really? Due to the fact that a psychological suffering is the worst for a human being, I really don’t know for which population living was or is harder. Therefore, in my opinion there is no balance on this planet and it will never be. If one slave had to “move mountains” while king was soaking in gold, then we have a similar image of our lifes today! Maybe we just modernized our roles a little, but not too much… Surely we had a lot of time to change something…

With Matevz we are always following our “golden” rule: “We have to see and experience everything.” If in the reality this doesn’t work, in our situation it will! What pleases me the most is our free thoughtlessness which is mixed with boldness. But what is the most interesting, everything always turned out simply amazing. Extreme travelling without limits actually means to experience this world as it really is! A temptation always make sure that the new discoveries are unforgettable. Try it!


We wanted to get closer to a life from millions of years ago, so we turned off our phones and returned to the map style. At home I googled Rhodes and at looking all this pictures I was eating them with my eyes at the same time. That’s why we landed first in Lindos which is 53km away from the old town of Rhodes. This picturesque, cultural, historical rich and dynamic place is one of the most beautiful pieces under the warm Greek sun.

spela horvat greece23
If you are there, don’t ignore:


My first eye contact, which I covered through my lens. A perfect azure-colored sea combination with simple white houses and above them the guard of the city.

spela horvat greece24
Castle of Lindos (almost on the top of it)

Me and Matevz, captured with infinity. For the first time in my life everything was in the right position, here are all the unnecessary thoughts blocked and it is only allowed to surrender.

Doric temple of Athena Lindia


Panoramic view


View to the Acropolis



2.) The Old town of Rhodes

spela horvat greece28
The Old Town of Rhodes. You can count a city residents on fingers, there is just 6,000 of them. If Greek culture attracts you in general, then the old part of the city can amaze you!

Panagia tou Kastrou


Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

View of Suleiman Mosque


Greece foodies

Greeks won’t overlook anything. They will never leave you hungry. Their food is simple and delicious. With lots of vegetables, spices and prepared with olive oil. On the top of all this, their ambience will embrace you in a very special style. Their sincere kindness don’t know limits. Indeed, they will awake a feeling in you that you are really important to them. They are not looking at you as the consumer from which they will benefit.

spela horvat greece26
The style, which is used in their corners is made like in our homes. It will awake a cozy feeling in you. I got a feeling that I already had walked through their unique streets in previous life.

spela horvat greece30



Yummy, yummy, traditional dish from Rhodes. On the first view it looks totally unhealthy food, but in fact you can get a lot of quality calories from it. It contains pieces of onion, tomato, fresh mint, flour, herbal spices and olive oil for frying. It will particulary fits to veggie eaters and also others wouldn’t say no to this dish.


To all well-known Greek salad which is already on every Slovenian menu. But people, Greek is Greek. Just the Greek oil with olives definitely gets the highest score from all food gurus who knows what is tasty and quality.

spela horvat greece27
Me and Matevz with delicious pancakes. After all the Greek tasting it’s still good to put something European in your mouth.


In some things we are still quite different than Greeks. At home we are hanging laundry when Greeks are hanging octopus.


Exploring Greece was just like any other escape from my native country. On some way this visit “hurts” me. As far as I know myself, wounds will heal, but only if I will explore every corner of this magnificent piece in the world. What can I do, curiosity for seeing new places is my obsession! The world can be so beautiful. And the width of feelings which can offer you back is eternal and invaluable. Greece is in my notebook underlined with red! So I will come around soon!