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San Francisco

Let’s start with this article a little bit different this time. How about holidays that first started at the airport? Exactly! This was an experience and a half! I’m telling you that this was the package of everything. Package of unforgettable, sad, angry, grateful and joyful moments! Usually my traveling doesn’t start on a very normal way. I don’t buy airline ticket 1 year earlier and anxiously counting the days. Also organisation is not very close to me. Well, in such a style without exception, this trip was the same. Of course I had a goal where to go, but I didn’t really know if I will get there. Not very typical for the holidays, right? However, the plan was New York. First we were flying from Milan to Abu Dhabi. This time among the clouds with Etihad airlines. Without words! Excellent airline, comfortable seats, great movies, fancy looking cabin crew and the best food. But we had staff tickets and it was their guilt that we got to knew the entire Abu Dhabi Airport. Actually at the end I knew all the names from employees by heart and for the 5 days I stuck in the same “underpants”. As you know by now, we stuck in Abu Dhabi as two homeless persons. It was summer season and flights to America were so full that probably passengers were sitting on each other. In situation like this America really became my dream destination, for which I was prepared to do anything, even sleep with the luggage under the plane. But again, it has been shown that with the perseverance you can come very far. After 5 days of having “fun” on the airport I didn’t know what bothered me more, that I’m smelling like a ferret or that I was tired like a small baby. But finally, I felt the pressure in my ears. But please don’t think that I’m on the plane for New York. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board for San Francisco, 16 hours long flight. Okay, this was something new for me. This time I even didn’t know in which hotel I will finally close my eyes again. My first question was: “What can I even see there?” I was really not prepared for San Francisco. But America is America, even if I landed somewhere where I’ve never been with a finger on the map. Typically for me and my boyfriend, in 4 days we saw everything. Probably 99% of the population would need 1 month.

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“Welcome on the cable car”, a sentence that was resonated in my ears for a long time. Listening to the deep, sweet and pure American voice of a driver, who knows this place better than his pocket, turned the drive into an unforgettable experience. Confident drivers of these popular and traditional cable cars were the same as speakers who want to make people laugh in the theaters. They really wanted that we feel this city and get to know everything about it. Good job guys! After spending to much time on the airport you really woke me up and prepared me for new adventures. When my ride ended, I just wanted to take their positive self-esteem with me. But probably I would have to travel with them more to learn how to do it.

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Believe it or not, in such huge city I managed to find something Slovenian. By coincidence I found Slovenian embassy. Of course I went inside to say hello to my Slovenian people. I had to recalled them that there is no greener and more beautiful country like our is!

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Unexpected landing in California is definitely going in the collection of totally unforgettable adventures. I would say: “This is living!” After many trips you become more open person for everything what can happen to you on your journey. I’m not asking myself why something didn’t go according to my plans. I’m just patiently waiting what trip really has for me. What new do I need to experience, see or hear. It’s very important that we are not only travelling to see new things, but also to take this experiences into our life’s and always remember them. The fact that you appreciate more what you have and that the last days of journey start to count hours before returning home, hug your mama and taste her special chicken soup. That’s it for me! I don’t know why, but when I’m coming back home to our small house next to the forest, it is always like a heaven to me. Everything looks so nice and homely. Traveling really has it own charm. So for all those who want to see more than their home threshold, just go! It’s not wise to wait, because nobody can see everything. Our world is endless. But it will be enough, if you will see what your heart wants to.