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Hangover in Bangkok

On my first impression Bangkok is a city with full of vitamins which you can find on the markets. I felt a little bit strange. Slightly higher and my skin among Thai people looked like it didn’t know the sun. Golden motifs were winding around all of the important buildings, so in that point of view Bangkok was really special and something new for me. The city is full of all sorts of things. Asian world has absolutely nothing to do to with our European cities. It’s obvious that people here are not frustrated in the morning and thinking about what they will have to do in the office between four walls. They are just thinking how many fruits and handmade products they will sell. World here is simple. Most of the locals are wearing dresses that we already cleaned out of the wardrobes 20 years ago. By simplicity comes awareness and the normal flow of live. Which means slow and modest, like it should be.

SpelaHorvat-Bangkok21 copy
Tuk Tuk car
If you really want to feel the Thai world then you should definitely experience driving with Tuk Tuk. It’s fast as lightning and a driver will accelerate without the limit. Prepare yourself for the rush of this small car on the crowded Thai roads.

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Even tourists feel that here they can be what they really want. City will convince you to listen your inner spirit and with that wake up a “healthy” madness, if it’s necessary.

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The Chao Phraya River

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After all the gold glamor, as well as all over the world, also this city has a dark side. This are the homes of the locals. The houses are literally dilapidated from the wood. They can barely withstand the weight of their owners. Probably none of us want to find out what is hidden inside. As you can see life here can be very tough. Well, it depends how do you think. If they are also smiling like at the workplace, than this are the homes from which we can learn a lot.

SpelaHorvat-Bangkok11SpelaHorvat-Bangkok12 copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok22 copy copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok50 copy copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok60 copy
Luang Pho TO

SpelaHorvat-Bangkok70 copy
However, both of us thought that a Dubai shopping mall is the largest we would ever see. But even here you can’t see the ending of the shopping floors.

SpelaHorvat-Bangkok17 copy
The Marble Temple

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The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

SpelaHorvat-Bangkok13 copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok25 copy copy
Grand Palace

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Hotel Lebua
All the “crazy” hangover people here is something for you. To all well known hotel Lebua from the movie “Hangover 2”, took one of the best marketing strategies when they decided to record a film here. Because of that this hotel is today a “must see” of every tourist who decides to explore a Bangkok. Of course, why not? It’s one of the tallest buildings of the city, which is really top of the top! Here I could easily managed to fill my dose of relaxation and also reliving the film was more than successful for me. Yes, it‘s amazing if you can put your feet in the “air” for few days and enjoy the luxury life.

SpelaHorvat-Bangkok39Spela Horvat Bangkok LebuaSpelaHorvat-Bangkok6 copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok5 copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok40SpelaHorvat-Bangkok36 copySpelaHorvat-Bangkok31SpelaHorvat-Bangkok32SpelaHorvat-Bangkok27SpelaHorvat-Bangkok30
Let’s go on the 62nd floor where the Sky bar is!

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Thanks Lebua for showing me your magic. My days here were wooooow!