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Frequently Asked Q

Who are you and where are you coming from?

Hi! I am Špela. The girl who knows what she wants, following her wishes and doing a lot of different things in her life. I always try to make everyday a different one by doing something new. My home is a world without limits. I realized that I don’t have infinite time, so I live for today.
So far I have permanent residence in Slovenia. To expand horizons to those who were on my first page and pressed the English flag. My home is located on a quite small, but the most beautiful corner of the world! Proven! With every new journey and with the greatest pleasure I’m always returning back to my hometown!

When did you start with writing a blog and why?

I started last August. In the meantime I had 2 months a “Writer’s block’, but then I realized that writing and making pictures represent my life hobbies and I would never give up on them.

Why did you decide that you want to share a part of your personal life through the internet?

I tell you, a mere coincidence! Last year when staying in the Maldives I had a great flow of thoughts. One of those was also the question of what I want to do in my life. Then I began to think about my website. The guide was only one. Share something with the world that will be for anyone or in any way useful.

There are thousands of different blogs around the world. Can you say that yours is different?

Unless I have somewhere in the world a twin with mirrored interior that is already writing a blog, but probably not, then I can scream YES! My whole page was made according to my ideas and because I very much doubt that anyone in the world has the same brain, senses, emotions, norms and values as mine are, then allow me to represent you the unique blog in the world!

You are human who is…?

Still developing, so please don’t blame me if something bothers you on me, my website, on the pictures or writing. If you know that I exist and you already visited my site once, please come and say hello if you see me on the street. Do me a favor “human2human”, so when we meet next time I’ll know about you too! Otherwise, yes, I’m a human, just like you are!

The worst possible situation in your life?

You mean one situation? It was not only one, there were a lot of them. If I have to recall one quickly, it was last year birthday of my boyfriend Matevz. We spent it away from each other and on the totally different parts of the world. But in general, before I’m judging whether the situation is really bad, I try to do everything to turn it into my favor. So for example, this year we spent a birthday together, hooray!

How can you and your boyfriend handle being away from each other so many times?

For me this is the easiest question. It is a technique that you gain it when you realize that you just can’t get a better one. There is no better person than he is, so because of that we are always waiting for each other wherever we are.

How do you care for your body?

Almost every day I’m practicing my passion for running.
My body + headphones + music = my meditation. In fact I am taking care of my body because I’m used to, not because it’s popular nowadays. The good thing is that my mom accustomed me that without sport there is no quality and healthy life. Believe me, sport will not give you only a nice looking body, but it will give you also discipline and a persistent character. Package in one, it’s worth it.

Why always Nike?

Because it’s the only brand in the world that is trying to motivate people to sport through their own line of clothing and footwear! I’m wearing clothes that inspire me and not those who decorates most of the girls.

What are you eating?

I eat a variety of foods. So, sweets, crisps, chocolate, biscuits … I’m joking, lots of fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, meat, 85% chocolate and on Sundays anything sinfully.

Can you tell me more about your travelling (budget, prices, cost of living, “must see” …)?

That really depends on where am I going to. The numbers are different, so it’s better that you contact me and ask me about what exactly you’re interested in.

Where are you looking for smart offers?

Because money isn’t yet falling from the sky, it is an essential thing for me to find a good and affordable offer. And if you want to find quality and good price in one, then you need to have a lot of experiences. Just to inform you, luxury hotels are not always salted with a high price. You just have to know how to do it.

Are you organizing your travelling on your own?

Absolutely! So far I haven’t met the agency that I would trust. Usually they are offering less than you pay for. In my case, it would look like this: For the same money I will stay 7 days longer and in a much better hotel, not to talk about what I would all see. Plus, if you travel with some group and you have a fixed schedule, planned days when and what you will see … no way! Anyway, I can’t imagine myself following to the guide’s umbrella in the city. One of the biggest charms of travelling is to organize it on you own!

Your next trip?

For now I’m planning to “return” to Asia. Maybe Bali, Sri Lanka come into the consideration. My latest discovery of Western and Eastern America simply forced me that this time I need a hot sun, beautiful beaches and a lot of nature.

Bad experiences when traveling?

I am having them for a small sea, but I’m still alive, right Matevž? This is the most important. But at the end of the day when I’m thinking, all journeys are a set of wonderful adventures that I will never forget. You know that we are quickly forgetting on bad things, especially if there is so many beautiful and unforgettable memories to remember.

What are you currently doing?

Currently I’m with my brains on off enjoying the life in Switzerland. Just kidding, I work here, but you know how it is when you enjoy to work. At the same time I’m learning German, so Swiss people would like me more. Even beside this, I am studying Marketing. Is it enough? Or to better express myself “Ist das alles?”

I have more questions, where I can find you?

If you see the following two words then I am sure you know what you have to do.